Humo is a musician, sound and energy healer, who has taken the mission of raising people's frequency of vibration with sound healing technology. By accessing deep layers of your consciousness and transforming them into more harmonius ones, allowing them to vibrate more naturally in resonance with the universal cosmic frequencies that lie within our beings, gaining a healthier state of body and mind. Helping to clear the path to link these frequencies to your spirit and soul mission by alleviating ailments and removing energy blockages stored in the mind, physical, and various energy bodies by repairing DNA; altering the molecular structure, tuning and opening up energy fields and auric layers into a more aligned and balanced order in which the human soul can radiate more light from within. Allowing more absorption of cosmic rays and pure energy fibers into your whole being, storing new positive energy that is usually blocked by old thought patterns and repetitive damaging emotional routines. All this is done by using different techniques including: sound healing shamanic journeying using crystal bowls, tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, vocal toning, gong baths and pre-columbian ethnic shamanic tools, among others, which will allow your chakras to be tuned up and aligned with your untouched natural states of being, creating lightness and a clearer purpose in your life path.


These high vibrational frequencies will immerse you in a deep transformational sound journey that will allow you to feel yourself as a pure light energy being in which your mind, physical, and emotional bodies will feel one with the highest universal and cosmic light energy of creation, that will gracefully filter the high frequencies to stay with you and the old heavy emotional energy baggage to stay behind. In addition, hands on energy healing is used by brushing your energy fibers, untangling and releasing emotional knots, crystal healing and one on one life counseling.


Humo is also a percussionist, drummer, and musician who has spent half his life performing and touring with different music genres in parts of the world such Colombia, across the U.S.A, and Canada. His present projects mainly include: "Humo Maya" - Cosmic Shamanic Tribal Sound Healing with which he has created the music for Sacred Ceremonies in New York that include Mayan Ceremonies with Mayan Elder, Wisdom keeper Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech from Yucatan, The Mayan Keepers of K' iche from Guatemala, and NY Annual Shamanic Gathering with the New York Shamanic Circle. Other performances and collective sound healings by Humo Maya include various concerts at Burning Man (2012, 2013, and 2014), Steward Mineral Springs (Mount Shasta, CA), Rainbow Gatherings, Be the Strange Festival in PA, Friends of Nature Festival in Miami, FL, among others…



For booking for concerts, performances, workshops, retreats, yoga classes, private and group sound healing sessions, visit the contact page. 





To support me and buy my music go to: or click on the link above where you'll find my albums: "Rigelian Thianosferic Transmissions of the Higher Realms" &  "Mayan Galactic Journeys" (which both includes over an hour of shamanic sound healing journeying)


Also, donations are greatly appreciated. It hugely helps me to continue my work. Thank you, any donation means something. May it multiply tenfold to yourself! You can donate by clicking on the link below..

Humo Maya - Sound Healing Videos

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